Floating wonderland 【飘·桃花源】
Material & Energy: special rice paper,Chinese ink, natural mineral colour. Technique: meticulous painting/泼墨写意 
All of the materials I use are very specially made and full of good energy. The brush painting technique is highly unique, I paint everything with positive Qi (气).
Watercolour Paint on paper,
 ready to hang
Signed with a certificate of authenticity
This artwork comes with an external frame
Spirit of this painting : 
“I live in a fantasy world with unrealistic expectations”
A talk with ONLY you : 
There is a unique way for everyone to connect with mother nature and this is my way. I see every painting process as a precious meditation and time journey to search philosophy for life. It is motivational to have a conversation with you who are looking at this artwork now. Never forget how special you are. People are too busy to remember it is Ok to slow down and enjoy the view.
It is my honour to invite you to explore a unique spiritual inner world with me through the view of this blooming dream.
Lots of love, 
Jade Li